• Type: Versus / Coop, Family +
  • Kind: Sport, Rumble
  • Platforms: Boardgame
  • Target: Expert

The Universal Sponsors organize a huge tournament every year. It is the biggest sporting event in the universe, even affecting the smooth running of the Conglomerate because of its inhabitants remain fixed to their screens.

The best Smashers of the Universal League participate and fight to be part of the Legend.

SMASH BALL TOURNAMENT is a board game version of the video game The Smashers. Players compose their team of 6 Smashers and choose their Coach. They then divide the Smashers and the Coach between them and compete against a series of teams controlled by the game. In these matches, the opposing team plays through a special deck of cards that acts as an AI.

The difficulty of the matches will increase as the tournament progresses and players will need to optimize the equipment of their Smashers. In order to retrieve this equipment and/or improve it, they will have to obtain the necessary resources from the Universal Sponsors by performing feats!

Players can also play against each other by controlling one team each or a team of several players, they can also organize their own tournaments.

The game is best played with 1 to 4 players, but many more players can participate!

  • Tournament against the game: The player(s) play(s) on the same team. There are 6 Smashers and 1 Coach to control, the players can divide the Smashers and Coach as they wish (so play up to 7).
  • Matches between players: Just like in a tournament, a team can be played by up to 7 players and thus play against another team of players.


  • Type: Coop, Expert
  • Kind: Adventure, Quest
  • Platforms: Role playing game
  • Target: Expert +

Since 3976 of the Earth’s calendar, most of the known universe has been recovering from war and suffering its consequences.
The largest space federation in the universe, the Conglomerate, emerged victorious from the conflict but had to refocus its resources and abandon all the planets on the periphery of its empire. These abandoned planets are prey to space pirates and other opportunistic criminals. They are now part of an area known as the Chaosphere.
This part of the universe is ruthless, akin to a western movie, where crimes take place around every corner…

Chaosphere is a scenario support for a series of role-playing games. In this very special environment, many adventures take place.
Players will be able to create their characters according to an established set of rules and develop them within the framework of author’s scenarios. They will of course be able to create their own scenarios.

It will also be possible to experience the legendary adventures that shaped the Chaosphere with predefined characters!


  • Type: Versus, Family +
  • Kind: Fight, Exploration
  • Platforms: Boardgame
  • Target: Family +

WarkaRok is a very special moment for the Wartals. It is on this occasion that the proudest Wartal warriors can show their worth to King Derok. Only the most valiant among them will have the King’s approval to become Warka, a tribal leader.

Warka candidates are gathering in a wilderness of the planet. This region is known for its fierce and powerful monsters. The warriors must collect bloody trophies from the defeated monsters within the time limit. But beware, when the hunt begins, the warriors have no weapons at their disposal and most monsters cannot be killed without a minimum of equipment…

Each player controls one Wartal and moves it on a game board. The tiles that make up the board correspond to types of areas that are more or less dangerous and rich in resources. They will have to explore these areas to recover materials in order to create equipment or fight monsters. If by misfortune a too powerful enemy is discovered, the player will be able to solicit the help of his rivals, not without first negotiating a reward…