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After having held the position of Advertising Manager at CARREFOUR, I decided in 2014 to devote myself to my dream, to design a video game.
3 years later, I founded ORA GAMES and based myself on my experience in marketing and hardcore gaming to establish the concept of THE SMASHERS. Passionate about rich and complete universes, it seemed natural to me to develop mine, which would go far beyond this first E-sport project. This is how the science fiction universe of Universal Legends was born. Since then, with my associates, we have continued to create and develop projects in this universe.
I am President of the company, author, and Project Manager.


Passionate about Sound Design since I was a teenager, I worked as a Sound Engineer for Canal +. I then started my freelance career as an Sound Engineer/Mixer for groups of artists such as Studio Bagel, Le Woop, Golden Moustache, … as well as for major groups, France TV, M6, C8, Partizan,…
At the same time, I set up my own events company where we produced a variety of shows.
Today, I am delighted to embark on another sector that has always fascinated me, video games. At ORA GAMES, I work as a sound designer but also as a business manager thanks to my experience as an entrepreneur.


Video games, design and drawing have always been at the center of my life. I started there very early, learning from adolescence to use existing design software. Since graduating from my degree in Visual Communication, I have been working as a freelancer for 5 years. Wishing to experiment other things in parallel, I was also Graphic Designer, UX and Web Designer in a computer company (Bittle) for 4 years. When Bittle closed, this time I decided to embark on my own adventure, my passion, and joined the ORA GAMES team.
I am the Artistic Director and UX Designer of the company but my passion and experience in E-sport also makes me the Market Analyst.