Type : E-Sport, Multiplayers, Online
Kind : Sport, Rumble
Platforms : PC, Console, Tablet



Type : Solo, Offline
Kind : Adventure, RPG, Action
Platforms : PC, Console



Type : Solo, Online, Ultra-casual
Kind : Sport, Rumble
Platforms : Mobile, Tablet


Type : Versus / Coop, Family +
Kind : Sport, Rumble
Platforms : Boardgame


Type : Versus, Family +
Kind : Fight, Exploration
Platforms : Boardgame


Type : Coop, Expert
Kind : Adventure, Quest
Platforms : Role playing game



  • Type : E-Sport, Multiplayers, Online
  • Kind : Sport, Rumble
  • Platforms : PC, Console, Tablet

Play as a Smasher or Coach and join the Universal League!

The Smashers will offer players a unique experience in today’s video game, a game that matches headlines like Overwatch or Rocket League, but with a new gameplay.
The game we create will allow you to participate in brutal Smash Ball matches in a futuristic universe of science fiction. The player will be both the manager of an athlete and the athlete himself. This will allow him to manage his skills and equipment outside of matches as an agent and use them during matches as an athlete (Smashers).

An innovative Gameplay will appear, the Coach. Players will be able to play as a team coach to implement the game strategy and assist in real time the other players controlling the Smashers. This role will also be able to be played with a tactile device.

THE SMASHERS follows the main rules of classic sports and consists of playing matches between two teams of 8 players in an arena.
The main objective is to score more points than the opposing team. To do this, the players (Smashers) have several methods at their disposal:

  • Take possession of the ball and bring it into the opposing end zone (Smash Zone) in the same way as Rugby or American Football,
  • Throw the ball through rings suspended above the ground on each side of the field.

A match lasts 20 minutes but ends immediately if one of the two teams reaches a certain score (it allows to end a match in case of a big imbalance).

Other alternative game modes will appear in the near future, 4-on-4 matches, flag catches, death matches,…


Smashers are all legends of Smash Ball, players will be able to play them according to their preferences but also thinking to the needs of the team.
20 Smashers will be available at first in the game, divided into 5 distinct roles:


The master of the air, he ensures the air control of the ball thanks to powerful jumps and can thus distribute the ball easily.


The team’s shooter, his role is to weaken the enemy by inflicting damages but over all by shooting the legs/feet and slow down his opponents. He can also hit the ball with his shots to deflect passes.


The main ball carrier, he moves with speed and agility, he can dodge, sprint, wall run, …


The brute of the team, he is in charge of pushing down the opposing lines and inflicting maximum damage in hand-to-hand combat.


The team’s rampart, he is responsible for protecting the ball carrier or blocking the enemy’s passage thanks to his robust shield.

Smashers who share a Role also share a basic Gameplay, their skills, characteristics and attacks are similar. Nevertheless, each character has his own personality and history. The result is a unique Personal Technique. This is the ultimate ability of the Smasher and can change the course of a game if used at the right time.
Unlocked equipments can change the basic skills of Smashers and modify the way of playing the character, but it will never change the personal technique.


Coaches manage their team’s Smashers during games. Thanks to cameras embedded on the players, a Coach can see at any time what each member of his team sees.
Thus, he can choose to give strategic indications to one or more Smashers in real time thanks to his panel of orders. He is the master of game strategies and ensures the cohesion of its players.
But the Coach’s biggest job is in the Boosts distribution. These are bonuses that he can give to his players against credits that he accumulates during the game. These Boosts have various effects depending on the type used, they can give a Smasher an increase in speed, damage, resistance, handling, …

A Coaching Style
Coaches have their own way of managing a team. Outside of matches, players can configure their Coaches and assign the Boosts they will have at their disposal. For example, attack-oriented coaches have more slots on their control panel for offensive boosts but on the other hand they have very few slots for defensive boosts.
Four types of boosts are available, Offensive, Defensive, Movement and Support.

A personal technique
Coaches have a personal technique, just like Smashers.
The Coach’s personal technique is a very powerful ability that can only be used twice during a game with a recharging time between the two uses.



  • Type : Solo, Offline
  • Kind : Adventure, RPG, Action
  • Platforms : PC, Console

Fight the fate, earn your freedom!

Mina was just a simple thief like there are hundreds of them on S’Megoa. Mandated by a mysterious commissioner, Mina made the mistake of attacking the boss of the greatest casinos in the universe, Golden Jack. Although the theft was successful, she was captured and received the Golden Fate. A robotic curse causing the death of its host unless the host pays huge tributs into Jack’s casino accounts on a regular schedule.
The teenager had no choice but to become a Bounty Hunter, one of the most dangerous jobs but one that pays such ransoms.

The player will play as Mina in her quest for freedom. The main objective of the game will be to find the mysterious commissioner in order to recover the loot and exchange it for freedom.

During this hunt across the universe, Mina will have to continue to pay rent for her body, and will not be able to simply follow her prey. She will have to continue her activity as a bounty hunter to survive but also to improve her ship, her weapons, her capacities,…

The player will therefore have to manage time and resources to avoid Game Over. It will sometimes be interesting to make detours to capture valuable bonuses and/or obtain information about the target. But beware of the risks of such routes in the pirate populated area….



  • Type : Solo, Online, Ultra-casual
  • Kind : Sport, Rumble
  • Platforms : Mobile, Tablet

Before the rise of the Universal League, the Smash Ball league (SBL) dominated the Smash Ball. Its rules are different, teams are fixed (not randomly dialed before each match) and Coaches do not exist.
Today, the SBL is mainly used as a springboard to enter the Universal League. Only its best players are invited by the 4 Great Sponsors.

Run & Smash offers the player the opportunity to replay epic Smash Ball actions, which have often led to a legendary victory for the team.

The game is extremely simple and accessible, and will simply ask players to touch the screen at the right time to dodge, jump, hit and Smash.

A score will be established at the end of each game action based on the player’s performance. The established scores will automatically be uploaded online and classified by region of the world. They will then be converted into points for the player that will allow him to change the cosmetic elements of the game but also to unlock the difficulty levels.

In addition, players will be able to complete daily quests called « Smash challenges ». It will be necessary to win games under specific conditions to complete them. The validation of these quests will grant a bonus of points, special rewards, but above all gifts to be opened in the other games of the license!



  • Type : Versus / Coop, Family +
  • Kind : Sport, Rumble
  • Platforms : Boardgame

The Universal Sponsors are organizing the greatest tournament ever made. All the Smashers from the Universal League are invited and fight to become part of the Legend.
The Great Tournament is a board game version of The Smashers. Players choose a Smasher or a Coach and play with or against their friends in teams of eight.

The game offers the possibility to play from 1 to 16 players!
Players can also play cooperatively only, against an « AI » controlled by a specific deck of cards.
The Great Tournament mode is the adventure version of the game, which requires players to play only as a team and to defeat a succession of opposing teams with unique and challenging skills.

The game will be accessible to everyone, positioned between the « Family » and « Expert » types. With games lasting 45 minutes on average, players can easily play one or more games according to their desires.



  • Type : Versus, Family +
  • Kind : Fight, Exploration
  • Platforms : Boardgame

WarkaRok is a very special time for the Wartals. It is on this occasion that the proudest Wartal warriors can show their worth to King Derok. Only the most valiant of them could become a Warka, a tribal leader.

Warka candidates gather in a wilderness area of the planet. This region is known for its ferocious and powerful monsters. Warriors must collect bloody trophies on defeated monsters within the time limit. But beware, when the game begins, the warriors have no weapons at their disposal and most monsters cannot be killed without a minimum of equipment….

Each player controls a Wartal and moves it on a game board. The tiles that make up the plateau correspond to more or less dangerous and resource-rich types of areas. They will have to search the areas to recover materials to create equipment or fight monsters. If by bad luck an enemy too powerful is discovered, the player will be able to solicit his rivals to help him, not without negotiating a reward first…



  • Type : Coop, Expert
  • Kind : Adventure, Quest
  • Platforms : Role playing game

Since 2976 of the Earth calendar, a large part of the known universe has been recovering from a war and suffering from its consequences.

The most imposing space federation in the universe, the Conglomerate, emerged victorious but had to refocus its resources and abandon all the planets on its empire’s periphery. These abandoned planets are prey to space pirates and other opportunistic criminals. They are now part of an area known as the Chaosphere.
This piece of the universe is merciless, close to a Western, where crimes take place on every street corner…

Chaosphere is a script support for a series of role-playing games. In this very special environment, many adventures take place.
Players will be able to create their characters according to an established rule book and develop them within author scenarios.

It will also be possible to experience the legendary adventures that shaped the Chaosphere with predefined characters!